Client Feedback

Our company has worked with Dave Cochrane since the early nineties, we first met with Dave when he was looking for ways to grow his business, and our company was not being helped to the degree we expected with the current broker, Dave and his then business partner advised that they were our solution. This proved to be absolutely the case

We have and still have that promise of outstanding service and thru the years the level of service that Dave provided was second to none, to the point of delivering customs cleared items to us outside work hours sometimes meeting on the roadside so as we were able to supply parts to our customers with equipment that was stopped and not able to complete contract works.

Dave was able to employ great people that understood our requirements, he also invested heavily in technology to assist his company’s to remain at the top, thus no doubt helping him remain competitive and all the while supply outstanding service.

Nothing ever seemed to much bother.

Dave dealt with all the products we imported from parts to heavy earthmoving equipment.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Dave in his new venture as he has outstanding industry knowledge and know that attention to detail and service levels are what he strives to achieve.

Rex Davies

Managing Director


A testimonial to your service level over the years.

I have been dealing with Dave Cochrane since mid 2011 on both levels , Dave doing business with us and also our group of companies supporting Dave’s logistics operations .

My business partners and I have evolved to know Dave very well and would have to say that his knowledge in logistics , freight forwarding is nothing short of “second to none”. Dave’s systems that he has created over the years have tracking and reporting capabilities well ahead of any other logistics firm we have ever dealt with .

Dave right from the first dealing and up to now has been very hands on and has shown a strong importance in getting to know his clients , Dave would regularly visit personally whether it be to try and do something better or smarter or simply to just try and further understand his client’s needs , always looking to fine tune systems and procedures making things effortless for his clients .

Over this time Dave has imported new boats for us into New Zealand of many different sizes and all engagements were a breeze. Also with our truck repair and parts operations Dave worked with my business partners freight forwarding in and out of New Zealand with the same effortless result for us all .

Should anyone require Dave’s expertise and knowledge in the logistics freight forward industry his advice and experience , knowledge and honesty place them in very good hands .

Scott White

Hi Dave

Thanks for asking me to provide some comments of my experience working with you.

  • I work closely with a major international Company involved with the supply of welding products, safety equipment, medical equipment, gases of all types for medical and industrial uses, as well as undertaking the construction of plants for the production of oxygen, nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide using cryogenic air separation systems.
  • My area of responsibility includes both Australia and New Zealand and I provide expert advice to the Company to reduce its duty exposure and ensure that it meets its obligations with respect to the legal requirements in both Countries.
  • While much of the administrative work such as the tariff classification and valuation systems are based on the Brussels international harmonised system, adopted by both Australia and New Zealand, both Administrations have imposed their unique administrative procedures, which requires a much closer understanding of the New Zealand “local rules” than that I can provide.
  • I have worked closely with Dave on several major projects where his excellent understanding of the New Zealand administration and personnel involved as well as the transportation aspects of the equipment, provided much needed support to achieve duty reductions for the projects.

It is most unlikely that we would have achieved the same result without his support.

Thank you Dave.

With best wishes for the future


Tariff Consultant
ABN 11 290 425 380
15 Acacia Crescent, Tura Beach NSW 2548